Bernard Pearson

Bernard Pearson was born on a Friday the 13th in 1946. His father said he was the result of a forty-eight hour leave, his mother made no comment. In his past he has been at times a soldier, village policeman, door to door salesman, potter, sculptor and painter. If there is any theme through these career changes it is the quest to find a job that is indoors and no heavy lifting. Taking the advice from his good friend Terry Pratchett, that writing is the most fun anyone can have with their clothes on, that’s what he does now. ‘Dovetail’ is his first novel and it is believed others are being writ. It’s difficult to tell however for the man is a prodigious pipe smoker and the shed he works from so filled with smoke it’s like a kipper shed. He lives in Wincanton, Somerset, which doesn’t seem to mind.