Bernard Pearson's debut solo novel.


Dovetail, dovetail joint:

  1. n. A mortise joint formed by interlocking tenons and mortises. Difficult to make, requiring skilful and practised craftsmanship. An impossible joint to break without destroying the construction.


This is a novel about good and evil and the darker side of the antiques


It is also a story about the power of friendship that spans generations.
Like the antiques he restores, master craftsman Bill Sawyer knows that
his interesting past could lead to a fragile future.
In the autumn of his life, as his body begins to betray his skill, his
dwindling days are about to become very interesting.
The value of Bill’s experience has not gone unnoticed, because things of
value often attract dangerous attention.

But it’s no use growing old if you don’t get artful.

There is an old adage in the antiques trade that says 'not all that
glistens is gold'.
So you better believe that not all that's said to be Elizabethan is old.
It might well be have been made yesterday.

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